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Please see our Fees & Services below. We also offer packages which are explained further down this page. For more information or to request a quote please do not hesitate to contact Haven Wills & Estates Limited on 01202 082380.

Wills & Trusts

Single Will - £250
A simple Will that allows you to choose who will receive your assets upon death. This can include properties and specific gifts such as jewellery. You can also detail wishes such as your funeral preferences, charity donations, pet care and organ donation.

Mirror Will - £350
A common term for couples who wish their gifts to be dealt with in the same way, this gives a cost saving from having to complete to individual wills.

Basic Trust - £250
A basic trust ensures any children or beneficiaries who are minors inherit at an age of your choosing.

Standard Trust - £500
A standard trust can take many forms but essentially allows the testator (the person writing the Will) to have some control over the money that they leave, and can protect the beneficiaries from losing their inheritance in situations like divorce or debt.

Complex Trust - Bespoke
Haven Wills & Estates Ltd offer bespoke trusts for families or businesses requiring more complex estate planning. These would be created on an individual basis.

Living Will - £100

This document typically goes hand in hand with a Health & Welfare Power of Attorney.

It specifies exactly how you wish medical staff to manage your care in the most serious of circumstances. E.g. Life sustaining treatment.

It can be important as you may not wish to burden family or friends with such serious decisions, or you may prefer your own wishes to be followed in the most serious of circumstances (e.g. Whether life is sustained if you will not recover from a coma).

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney document gives your chosen representative (known as your "attorney") the authority to manage your affairs if you are unable. This could be due to accident, illness or old age. Without a Power of Attorney, a friend or family member cannot manage your care or pay bills / manage your finances.

Health & Welfare Power of Attorney - £200
This document gives your chosen representatives the authority to manage your care, from basic choices such as how / where you are cared for, to deciding whether to continue with life support.
This document is often created in combination with a Living Will (detailed below).

Financial Affairs Power of Attorney - £200
This document gives your chosen representatives (known as attorney's) the authority to access and manage your finances. From basic transactions such as drawing your pension or paying your utility bills, through to managing investments and property transactions.

Business Affairs Power of Attorney - £200
Much like the personal Financial Affairs Power of Attorney, this document allows you to specify who will manage your business finances if you run a Ltd Company or Partnership.

Please note: Fees do not include the £82 government registration fee per document (charged by the Office of Public Guardian)


Single Will

• Health & Welfare Power of Attorney
• Financial Affairs Power of Attorney

This is the ideal package for an individual who would like to ensure that they have the basics covered in the event of death or illness/accident

Mirror Will

• 2x Health & Welfare Power of Attorney's
• 2x Financial Affairs Power of Attorney's

Similar to the package above, this provides the essentials for a couple.

Mirror Will

• Family Trust
• 2x Health & Welfare Power of Attorney's
• 2x Financial Affairs Power of Attorney's

This package provides all around family protection, providing the basics + the ability to control the money that you leave behind. Helping to protect it from the risks of money being inherited at a young age, or from your beneficiaries losing their inheritance through divorce or debt etc.


£35 per year

Haven Wills & Estates Ltd offer a storage facility to all our clients.

Your original documents will be stored in our own fully insured, fireproof document safe. This is kept off-site from our head office, and is fully insured as well as code compliant.

All paper documents stored are also scanned and stored digitally, with an off-site back up.

Why store your Will?

Your Will is one of your most important documents, it determines how everything you have worked for is distributed, and how the people most important to you are looked after when you are not here.

It is extremely common for Wills to be lost, misplaced (especially during house moves) or for them never to be found upon death, as well as confusion over which Will is the correct version. Sadly, is it also common for Wills to be destroyed or removed by someone not benefitting as they might have hoped.

Storing your Will removes this risk. Your Will is held securely away from your home and several copies are made, as well as your Will being registered with the UK National Will register. Upon death, your Will is released to your executors.

Should a Will be lost of destroyed whilst in storage, the cost of replacing the Will or any liability caused would be covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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