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The are many ways to protect yourself and your family from loss of income, being diagnosed with a critical illness or death. We will work with you to build a package that suits your individual protection needs.

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The most common types of protection that we provide are:

Mortgage Protection: 

This is a life cover policy that is designed to protect you and your family by repaying your mortgage if you were to die. Meaning that your partner and/or children will be able to stay in your family home. Mortgage Protection can protect repayment or interest-only mortgages, your main home or an investment / buy-to-let property or a business mortgage. It can be set-up as a single policy or joint cover.

Life Cover: 

A life cover policy is designed to pay out and protect your family's financial future if you were to die. It ensures your partner and children are not left with debt or suffer from losing your income. It is paid out as a lump sum. 

Family Income Benefit: 

This is a life policy that pays out monthly. It ensures that your partner and/or children have an income and are able to live comfortably after losing your income. It is designed to cover monthly outgoings such as council tax, utilities, food, household bills, etc.  

Critical Illness Cover: 

Critical illness cover provides you with a cash lump sum should you be diagnosed with a critical illness (e.g. heart attack / stroke / cancer). Dealing with a diagnosis can be an incredibly difficult and stressful time. With critical illness cover you would receive a lump sum payment on diagnosis that can be used towards paying the bills whilst you take time off work to focus on treatment/recovery or if can be used to pay for things like medical treatment.  

Income Protection: 

Income protection is designed to provide you with a monthly replacement income should you no longer be able to work due to injury, accident, or illness. With income protection in place you can take the time you need to start feeling better without worrying about how you'll pay your mortgage/rent and bills or pay for the necessities.  

Private Health Cover/Private Medical Insurance: 

Private health cover (Also known as private medical insurance) gives you access to Private GP consultations, diagnosis & treatment for minor or major medical conditions. Private health cover ensures you have more choice and flexibility with your care, and ensures you do not have to wait on NHS waiting lists for most diagnostics and procedures.  


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